Roger  Allen - Pottery
Ted Armulowicz- Woodworking
Peter Arcidiacono- Woodworking
Carl Block - Pottery
CJ. Bradford - Pen & Ink
Randy Brodnax - Pottery
Doug & Beth Brown- Pottery
Max Butler- Pottery
Jan Byron - Fabric/Mixed Media
V Chin - Pottery
Mark Clark- Musical Instruments
Nancy Cole- Pottery
Mark Epstein - Pottery

Audrey Legatowicz-Weaver
Mark Mallia - Wood
Ron Marrs - Glass
Lisa & Cecil McKenzie - Glass
Jennifer Morales - Fabric
Suzanne Morgan- Fabric
Michael Obranovich - Pottery
Kym Owens - Pottery
Barry Perez - Jewelry
Patricia Pusateri  - Mixed Media
David Tripp - Watercolor Painting
Zeke & Marty- Jewelry
Nancy Cole - Pottery
Potters Brown - Pottery
Roger Allen- Pottery
Mark Mallia- Wood
Carl Block- Pottery
CJ Bradford- Pen and Ink
Bridget Hauser- Pottery
Kym Owens-Pottery
Audrey Legatowicz-Fiber
Lezlee Liljenberg-Metal
Mark Epstein - Pottery
V. Chin

Randy Brodnax- Pottery
Zeke and Marty-Jewelry
Angela Galllia- Pottery
Patricia Pusateri- Painting
Debra Hernandez- Mixed Media
Elane Jary-Watercolor
Mike Haley & Susy Seigele - Pottery
Jennifer Morales

Cindy Kelly- Mixed Media
Jan Byron- Fabric
Suzanne Morgan- Fabric
Peter Arcidiacono- Woodworking
Barry Perez - Jewelry
Fred Gardner- Wood
Michael Obranovich - Pottery
Lisa & Cecil McKenzie = Glass
Ron Marrs- Glass
Leslie Kregel- Fabric
Max Butler - Pottery
Jo Jennings- Jewelry
Deana Hinchcliff- Leather
David Tripp- watercolor
John Lee- Blacksmith
Angela Gallia - Pottery
Fred Gardner- Wood  
Mike Haley & Susy Seigele - Pottery
Debra Hernandez - Jewelry
Deana Hinchcliff - Leather
Bridget Hauser- Pottery
Elaine Jary- Watercolor 
Jo Jennings- jeweler
Cindy Kelly - Collage
Leslie Kregel-Fiber
John Lee - Blacksmith
Lezlee Liljenberg-Meta
2018 Artists
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