The Chicken Farm Art Center- Pottery
Ted Armulowicz- Woodworking
Carl Block - Pottery
CJ. Bradford - Pen & Ink
Randy Brodnax - Pottery
Doug & Beth Brown- Pottery
Max Butler- Pottery
Jan Byron - Fabric/Mixed Media
Anne Cameron- Weaver
V Chin - Pottery
Mark Clark- Musical Instruments
Nancy Cole- Pottery


Audrey Legatowicz-Weaver
Mark Mallia - Wood
Ron Marrs - Glass
Lisa & Cecil McKenzie - Glass
Jennifer Morales - Fabric
Michael Obranovich - Pottery
Kym Owens - Pottery
Barry Perez - Jewelry
Patricia Pusateri  - Mixed Media
David Tripp - Watercolor Painting
Zeke & Marty- Jewelry
Fred Gardner- Wood  
Mike Haley & Susy Seigele - Pottery
Debra Hernandez - Jewelry
Ross High - Ceramic Sculpture
Deana Hinchcliff - Leather
Bridget Hauser- Pottery
Jo Jennings- jeweler
Cindy Kelly - Collage
Linda Kingsley - Painter
Leslie Kregel-Fiber
John Lee - Blacksmith
2020 Artists (under construction)
Zeke and Marty
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We, as artists today, are the shapers of myths for tomorrow. Our ideas interpret past, present and future experiences as we perceive them. All art forms are the definitive influence of society on us, its’ artists, its interpreters, its’ creators of myths.Our task in today's society is the creation of works that explore a combination of materials encompassing all of these influences.

Our concentration on integrating sophisticated naturalism with precious metals lets us link our future with the primal spiritualism of our ancestors. Using the natural character of materials paired with polished surfaces and colored planes gives the forms of our pieces spirit."Ancient Futurism” is our concept of this societal experience. With the freedom to explore and be influenced by the materials –OUR WORK BECOMES THE MATERIALISM OF OUR IMAGINATION.
Doug and Beth Brown
It is all about function and creating a canvas for the glorious jewel toned glazes in the collaborative work of Potters Brown, Doug and Beth Brown from Edom, Texas. To say that Doug is obsessed with glazes would be an understatement, committing his 50 years as a potter to the science of glaze chemistry. Since founding the Edom Craft Community in Edom in 1971, things have not changed much in the studio, still done pretty much the old fashioned way. Clay is made,then thrown or slab-rolled, layers of hand painted glazes, and high-fired in a reduction atmosphere. “We love to entertain and cook, and whether you are hosting a lavish dinner party or dinner for 2, our work is meant to be enjoyed on a daily basis, and would be honored to grace your table, home and lives.”
Nancy Cole
I am a native Dallasite, a life-long teacher/professor of art, and I maintain a clay studio in the White Rock area of East Dallas. My work has been described as whimsical and my desire is to make people smile.

I am a maker of fancy porcelain pottery. Each pot is carefully and precisely executed with a mindful meditative approach to the overall design and decoration. I purposely want my pottery to feel tactility soothing and visually exciting. I would like you to have a sense of wonderment and excitement each time you use my pottery...I know I still do each time I create one.
Kym Owens